Wednesday 25 January 2017

Giving Thanks

This post is long overdue. I knew I needed to write it last May and am finally making the time.

Way, way, waaaayyyyy back when I was doing my education degree, my senior (grade 10-13, yes, grade 13 existed back then) math instructor was amazing. He drove about an hour each way to teach us twice a week. He brought in graphing calculators and taught us how to use them and how to teach with them. This was pretty incredible as it was 1994 (I told you it was as long time ago!). This laid the foundation for me to become a national instructor for TI a few years later (I have since resigned - my heart belongs to Desmos). This instructor also had us create "backward problems". Instead of just asking a question, we started from the answer and turned the question around. He helped me think in a different way and really turned around (pun intended) my idea of what assessment questions can look like.

So a public merci! goes out to Rodrigue St-Jean for helping me start my career in a positive way. I am grateful and a better teacher today thanks to you.

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