Sunday 30 August 2015

Better Qs

Last week, Sam Shah tweeted this:

I immediately replied because I was at Rachel's session, and at Dylan Kane's session and at Robert Kaplinski's session, all of which were on questioning. My #1TMCThing was:

(I'm going to let go the fact that I can't seem to get those two tweets to be the same size, but know that it is really annoying me.)

What were Sam and Rachel planning, you ask? A most awesome collaborative blog found here. There are already a number of posts, so check it out!

Why did I agree to be a contributor? Plainly because I know that I need to work on asking better questions. I hope that participating in this collaborative blog will give me that push to try harder. Of course I feel completely overwhelmed by it all right now, but I haven't started school yet, so I guess that's okay.

If you would like to work on asking better questions, become a contributing author. The instructions are on the blog. And if I haven't convinced you head on over to Sam's blog post about it.

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