Thursday 11 June 2015

MFM2P - Days 81, 82, 83 & 84: Summative

Stomach flu hit our house on Sunday so I have not been much use so far this week. Hence no blog posts on Monday or Tuesday and yesterday I was trying to get caught up on all the marking that had piled up while I was home. Here's the 2P recap for the week, so far.

On Monday they worked on their end-of-course review with a substitute teacher. It was supposed to be day 1 of their summative, but that had to be postponed.

I dragged myself in to work on Tuesday, only for my 2P class, and we crammed two days worth of group work into one day. I arranged them into groups (of my choosing) and had each group start at one of six different stations. Everything was colour-coded - if they started at the blue station, they wrote on blue paper for every station, with a blue marker. The goal was for them to come up with as many (mathematically-related) questions as possible based on the pictures provided at each station. I gave them about 6 minutes to do this at each station after which time they put their questions in that station's envelope and then they moved on to the next station and started again. At the end of this process they were back at their "home" station and took out the six pieces of paper with questions from their envelope. Their next task was to organize the questions based on the curriculum:

Here is what one group's work looked like:

That was the end of day 1. Ideally (had I not been sick), they would have had the opportunity to go around to read and rank each others' questions (top 2 for each curriculum box). They were supposed to then choose, as a group, the best 2 questions for each curriculum box for their station and write down what information they had and what they needed to know in order to answer the question. They would also have looked for additional questions where needed. We skipped that, but they had at least invested themselves in the process of creating questions and understood where each question fit within our curriculum.

Yesterday and today were for individual work. They each received 8 questions chosen by me, along with the original picture with sufficient additional information provided. They were allowed to use their notes along with any manipulatives that would be helpful.

Those who finished early worked on creating posters as part of their exam review.

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