Friday 2 May 2014

MFM2P - Day 53

Day 53

We started today with a couple of examples of multiplying binomials for their comp books. There were still some issues but they are improving. We will continue to do an example each day next week at the beginning of class.

Then it was time for Barbie Bungee! I randomly created groups of 3 and each group got 1 Barbie and 7 elastics (note to US folks - that's what we call rubber bands up here). There were metre sticks and measuring tapes available.

They had to complete the following table in their groups.

Next they plotted the points on a grid then used a graphing calculator to perform a linear regression. Some continued on to state the slope and what it means and the y-intercept and what it means. Other groups only just managed to collect the data by the end of class (they will all keep working on Monday). There were elastics flying and much fun was had with the Barbies. It is great to see students enjoying math class.

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